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Four Lion Cubs Kept in Squalid Conditions Freed Thanks to British Campaigners

By ByNada Farhoud, The Mirror

Horus, Dadou, Thea and Cersei, also known as the Lions of Lyon, were found in appalling conditions in France after they were taken from their mothers by the exotic wildlife trade.

Four lion cubs kept as pets in squalid conditions have been freed to live their lives in an African sanctuary – thanks to the efforts of British wildlife campaigners.

Horus, Dadou, Thea and Cersei are believed to have been taken from their mothers before they were weaned as part of the exotic wildlife trade.

The Born Free Foundation said they were kept in “completely inadequate conditions” in France.

The four, now known as the Lions of Lyon, were just a few months old when they were rescued by French wildlife charity, Fondation 30 Million d’Amis.

Dadou was found on Paris’s most famous street – the Champs-Elysees – in the back of a Lamborghini missing the tip of his tail after his owner was caught by police officers taking photos with the cub.

Horus, the largest of the four cubs, was found on a child’s bed in an apartment on the outskirts of Paris while his owner was hiding in his neighbour’s cupboard.

Police were alerted after images of the cub had been posted on Snapchat.



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