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Call for an Elephant-Free UK

Animal Petition elephant free UK

This petition calls for decisive action by the UK government to end the practice of keeping elephants in zoos, recognizing the complex needs of these majestic creatures and their right to a life that closely mirrors what they would experience in their natural habitat.

The first step in our comprehensive plan demands an immediate halt to the breeding of elephants in captivity within the UK, alongside a prohibition on the importation of elephants, whether from the wild or other captive environments. This measure is imperative to prevent the perpetuation of elephants living in conditions that cannot adequately cater to their physical and psychological needs.

Following this, we urge the government to collaborate closely with zoos, wildlife experts, and conservation organizations to map out a future that prioritizes the well-being of the elephants currently residing in the UK. This includes exploring viable alternatives for their relocation, with a strong preference for reintroducing them to the wild in protected areas whenever feasible. Where reintroduction is not an option, transferring these elephants to accredited sanctuaries that offer spacious and naturalistic settings should be prioritized.

For elephants where relocation is deemed unsuitable, we propose a carefully managed plan to integrate them with other compatible elephants within the UK, in environments that promise the highest standards of care and welfare. It is critical that these settings strive to mimic natural conditions as closely as possible, providing ample space for movement, social interaction, and engagement in natural behaviors.

Fundamental to this initiative is the principle that the welfare of the elephants should guide every decision and action taken. All relocation efforts must be conducted with the utmost care and expertise, ensuring a humane and stress-free process for the elephants involved.

We believe that by adopting this phased approach, the UK government can lead by example in the ethical treatment of elephants, providing a template for other nations to follow. This is a call to respect and protect these intelligent, sensitive animals, and to acknowledge that the needs of elephants cannot be met within the confines of a zoo environment. Join us in advocating for a future where elephants are granted the dignity and freedom they inherently deserve.

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