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China’s Wildlife Farmers Offered A Buy-Out To Transition Away From Breeding Wild Animals For Consumption & Instead Grow Plant-Based Foods

By Karen Lapizco, World Animal News

Wildlife farmers in two provinces in mainland China are being offered a government buy-out to facilitate a move away from breeding wild animals for consumption, as part of the country’s crackdown on the wildlife trade in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The plans, published on May 15th, give Hunan and Jiangxi provinces an exit strategy for wildlife farmers to be compensated in order to transition to alternative livelihoods such as: growing fruit, vegetables, tea plants, or herbs.

On February 24th, The Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress thankfully banned wild animal consumption for food. Wildlife campaigners at Humane Society International hope that the province-sponsored buy-out will help to ensure that the ban is a success.

“By subsidising wildlife breeders to transition to alternative livelihoods, these provinces are demonstrating global leadership on this issue, which other provinces and countries must now follow,” Dr. Peter Li, Humane Society International’s China policy specialist said in a statement.


“Chinese farmers not only have an opportunity to leave a trade that poses a direct threat to human health – something that can no longer be tolerated in light of COVID-19 – but also to transition to more humane and sustainable livelihoods such as growing plant foods popular in Chinese cuisine.”



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