Stop the deforestation of Woodlark Island!



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Stop the Deforestation of Woodlark Island!

The Woodlark cuscus is a nocturnal marsupial that lives only on a remote island in Papua New Guinea.


Its 6,000 inhabitants live in harmony with nature and have preserved the cuscus’s habitat.


But now, a logging company has set its sights on 30,000 hectares of Woodlark’s forest.


This could spell the end for the cuscus.

The destruction of Woodlark’s forests would be a crime against nature. More than 40 plant and animal species that occur nowhere else on Earth would lose their habitat: frogs, reptiles, insects, snails and the Woodlark cuscus, a nocturnal marsupial. Scientists anticipate that numerous yet-unknown species are at home on Woodlark, an island 270 km from the main island that has never been systematically studied.

Time and again, foreign companies set their sights on the island: Kulawood, a logging company, is currently pushing a project that reeks of corruption. 

According to PNGi, Kulawood wants to clear 30,000 hectares of forest and sell 840,000 cubic meters of timber valued at US $87 million.

The logging operation appears to have begun: satellite images show that deforestation increased as of mid-2019, and that roads are being extended into largely uninhabited areas.

The logging is being camouflaged as an agricultural project that supposedly will involve planting cocoa bushes, rubber trees and acacias.

There was virtually no consultation of local people during the planning of the project, with the logging company leaving them in the dark about the extent of the clearing and its impact on their lives.

The project follows a pattern that those familiar with the workings of Papua New Guinea believe is widespread: Investors pose as local companies, gain access to land with promises such as commitments to develop agriculture – and in the end, plunder the forests and other natural resources.

On their own, the 6,000 inhabitants of the island do not have the resources to defend themselves against the destruction of their home.


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