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Make COP28 Vegan

Animal Petition - Make COP28 Vegan


Our plea is to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to promote climate action leadership and influence the hosts of COP28 to provision for 100% plant-based catering. We propose a policy be enforced that demands all future climate conferences adopt full plant-based catering, ideally serving vegan organic (veganic) and agroecological products obtained locally. 

In this vein, we request that the UN ensures that their own summits establish the same trend, and that their cafeteria in New York City transition to full plant-based catering, following NYC Mayor Eric Adam's progressive plant-based initiatives.

The upcoming 28th annual UN Climate Change conference, COP28, taking place in Dubai between November 30 and December 12, 2023, stands as an important assessment of worldwide action on the Paris Agreement. This momentous conference, which is expected to be attended by over 70,000 participants, presents an excellent and meaningful opportunity for plant-based climate action.

Recognition needs to be given to the fact that an escalating global food system dependent on meat, dairy, and eggs is critically violating planetary boundaries, imperiling food security, harming human health, and impacting animal welfare. The IPCC's endorsement of plant-based diets as the most climate-friendly cannot be ignored. Despite the introduction of food systems into the UN climate conference program at COP27, access to climate-friendly meals remained a struggle. Young environmentalists under YOUNGO, alongside 150+ organizations, have acted by demanding sustainable, plant-rich catering at COP28.

We implore Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, COP28 UAE's President-Designate, to give weight to his words by encouraging an impactful commitment, beginning with the provision of all plant-based catering at COP28.

To put into perspective, if the 70,000 attendees at COP28 consumed two vegan meals daily, this would result in 1.8 million climate-friendly, plant-based meals. A shift from beef to plant-based protein and from dairy and cheese to plant-based substitutes would lead to a drastic reduction of greenhouse gases, land use, and water usage.

Here are our specific requests:

1.  Full-plant-based catering at COP28 and all UN climate conferences and offices, highlighting locally sourced veganic products where available.
2.  Devote the Food and Water Systems Day at COP28 (December 5, 2023) to spotlight plant-based solutions, taking into account the calls from twenty-one cities worldwide for a Plant-Based Treaty along with the Paris Agreement. Promote the numerous advantages of transitioning towards a plant-based food system to address climate change, food insecurity and living cost crisis.
3.  COP28 to counteract greenwashing by the animal farming industry by not providing them a platform to promote measures conflicting the latest IPCC scientific studies.

In conclusion, climate-friendly catering is essential at climate conferences. Help us preserve our planet and ourselves – support plant-based catering at COP28!

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