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Take Action to Save Hummingbirds

Animal Petition save the hummingbird

The Rufous hummingbird, one of the smallest and feistiest bird species in North America, has lost a staggering two-thirds of its population since 1970. Alarmingly, it is not alone in its plight. According to the 2022 State of the Birds report, the Rufous hummingbird is one of 70 bird species on the "Tipping Point" list, which could lose another 50% of their populations if conservation efforts are not significantly improved.

This "Tipping Point" list includes ten species that have already lost more than half their populations since 1970 and are predicted to lose an additional 50% within the next five decades if urgent action is not taken. These species are:

1. Rufous hummingbird
2. Golden-winged warbler
3. Cerulean warbler
4. Bay-breasted warbler
5. Connecticut warbler
6. Olive-sided flycatcher
7. Rusty blackbird
8. Western meadowlark
9. Grasshopper sparrow
10. Eastern whip-poor-will

The reasons for the declining populations of these birds are numerous, including glass collisions, invasive species (such as domestic cats), pesticide use, and the devastating impacts of climate change. Rising temperatures are altering the timing and availability of nectar-producing flowers, disrupting the delicate balance that hummingbirds rely on for sustenance and survival. Additionally, habitat loss due to human development, deforestation, and urbanization is leaving these birds with nowhere to go, further exacerbating their population declines.

The loss of hummingbirds and other imperiled bird species would be a significant blow to our ecosystems. These tiny birds play a vital role as pollinators, contributing significantly to plant reproduction and the health of countless plant species. They also help control insect populations, reducing the need for harmful pesticides and herbicides.

We cannot stand idly by as these magnificent creatures face the threat of extinction. It is our responsibility to take action and protect the delicate balance of our ecosystems for future generations.

By signing this petition, you are pledging to support conservation efforts aimed at saving the Rufous hummingbird, the other species on the "Tipping Point" list, and countless other birds facing population declines. Together, we can create a future where these beautiful and essential creatures can thrive, ensuring the health and resilience of our natural world.

Join us in this crucial effort to protect our feathered friends and the ecosystems they sustain. Sign the petition today and be a part of the solution to this pressing environmental crisis.


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