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End Animal Abuse at UK Farms by Introducing Inspections Without Notice

End Animal Abuse at UK Farms by Introducing Inspections Without Notice

A shocking video from a farm has unveiled a series of horrific animal welfare violations that leave us speechless. The footage holds unbearable images of cruelty:

- An employee treating a tiny piglet like an object, swinging it by one leg and brutally smashing its head against a wall

- Defenceless piglets having their teeth clipped without any pain relief

- Innocent pigs being illegally and relentlessly shocked with an electric prod in their sides and necks

- A suffering piglet frothing at the mouth and left to perish on top of a pile of corpses

- A chilling sight of numerous dead piglets strewn across the floor of the birthing shed, with their surviving siblings trapped in crates beside their lifeless bodies

- Pigs jammed into sparse pens so tiny that they are forced to pile over each other in the sweltering heat 

- At least one creature agonizing from an apparent tumour or hernia.

The atrocities, all blatant breaches of regulations, were exposed by animal welfare investigators at Rosebury Farm in Dunstable. Despite undergoing five Red Tractor-approved inspections this year, including one as recent as last month — all pre-informed visits — the farm managed to escape any allegations of misconduct.

Your signature can be the voice these defenceless animals need. Only by changing the law to allow inspectors to conduct surprise inspections without any advance notice can we ensure the humane treatment of these animals. It is the only way we can truly guarantee that our food comes from sources where animals are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Raise your voice against this merciless treatment of animals. Let's guarantee a future for farm animals where cruelty has no place. Add your signature to this urgent petition.


Together, we can bring about an amendment to the law. This is our chance to safeguard the welfare of animals and uphold our ethical responsibility. Sign now.

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