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End Greyhound Racing in the UK

Animal Petition end greyhound racing in the uk

Our petition highlights the distressing reality faced by countless racing greyhounds from the moment they are born to their final days. These noble and gentle dogs endure conditions far removed from the compassionate care they deserve. From being transported in cramped and inadequate conditions to living a life of isolation that denies them the joy of social play and interaction, only to be raced in environments that significantly compromise their health and safety. The inherent risks of the track expose them to serious injuries, and for some, tragically lead to premature death, all in the name of gambling profits and entertainment.

The welfare of these intelligent, sentient beings is too often overlooked, with their value being placed solely on their performance on the racing track. It's a cycle of exploitation that must be brought to an end.

By signing this petition, you’re not just raising your voice against the mistreatment and systematic abuse of racing greyhounds; you’re also backing a structured plan to transition away from greyhound racing in the UK over a period of five years. This timeline presents a feasible window for the industry to wind down operations responsibly, ensuring that the phase-out minimizes economic impact while prioritizing the well-being of the greyhounds.

We are calling upon the UK governments to legislate this gradual cessation of greyhound racing. Concurrently, we demand the industry and canine welfare organizations work hand in hand to implement robust measures that guarantee the safety, health, and future rehoming of these dogs. Our vision is a future where every racing greyhound is allowed the opportunity to live out their lives in loving homes, treated with the respect and care that every animal deserves.

By lending your support to this petition, you’re advocating for a transformation in how these animals are perceived and treated. You're helping to ensure that greyhounds are recognized not as mere racing commodities, but as beings capable of love, deserving of compassion, and entitled to a life of happiness and safety beyond the race track.

This change is possible, but it requires your voice. Sign our petition today and stand with us in promoting a kinder, more humane future for racing greyhounds across the UK. Together, we can turn the tide and guarantee these dogs the life of dignity and respect they have always deserved.

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