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Ban Horse Carriage Rides in New York City

Animal Petition end horse drawn carriages

This petition seeks immediate action to terminate the practice of horse-drawn carriage rides in Central Park, New York City. Subjected to harsh weather conditions such as cold, rain, and snow, these horses are forced to stand for extended periods without the essential care they desperately need. The bustling streets of NYC, with its dense crowds and traffic, are not a suitable environment for horses. Tragically, numerous accidents have resulted in horses being struck by vehicles, and in too many cases, these injured animals are neither given the medical treatment required nor are they allowed the necessary time off to recover. This constitutes clear animal abuse and cruelty.

We are calling for a complete ban on all horse carriage riding activities in New York City. Animals may not be able to advocate for their own welfare, but as compassionate humans, we have the responsibility to do so on their behalf. By discontinuing the practice of horse carriage rides, we can put an end to this form of animal cruelty. Once the rides are stopped, the horses will be relocated to farms where they can lead fulfilling lives, enjoying the freedom and care they so rightly deserve.

Horses are currently subjected to relentless schedules without reprieve, with some even losing their lives for the sake of entertainment. It is time to stand against this practice, champion animal rights, and abolish horse carriage rides in New York City. Join us in our fight to protect these noble animals and ensure they no longer suffer from such inhumane treatment.


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