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Stop the Legal Slaughter of Polar Bears by Trophy Hunters

Save Polar Bears

Polar bears epitomize nature's majestic beauty. Yet, this species classified as "threatened" has only 20,000 to 22,000 surviving members globally. 

Besides pollution, particularly harmful chemicals and PCBs , the imminent threat of global warming endangers polar bears by melting their icy habitat, cutting off their access to prey. But, the most pressing threat to their survival is hunting, with over 1,000 polar bears hunted each year. 

Canada, home to 60% of the world’s polar bear population, is the only country allowing non-native and non-citizen trophy hunting of polar bears. This abhorrent practice not only prevents the polar bear population from growing but also drives the species closer to extinction. 

In fact, the Canadian government perpetuates this threat by incentivizing polar bear hunting. Hunters are pre-paid for polar bear hides which are then auctioned, potentially fetching up to $11,000 per hide, blurring the line between a subsistence hunt and a commercial one. 

Despite polar bears being nationally and internationally protected, the posisbility of harvest by non-Inuit trophy hunters, guided by the Inuit, stands as an alarming issue. The commercial hunt, driven by profit, is a significant threat to polar bears in Canada. 

Hunting licenses sold to non-native, non-citizen trophy hunters prop up a gruesome industry where brutal hunters offer tours, costing up to $35,000, for the savage killing of polar bears. Arguments against this inhumane practice are overwhelming, given the price polar bears pay is exhaustion, torture, and an agonizing death. 

We demand that the Canadian government put an end to this horrific slaughter of one of the world's most endangered species. Killing for trophies and trading polar bear products has to stop immediately - before time runs out for this incredible species. 

We must act urgently and enormously, gathering as many signatures as we can to pressure the Canadian government to act, so please, share this petition widely. Let us implore the Canadian government to abolish this needless slaughter and prevent agencies like Polar Bear Hunting and 52 Safari from commodifying the lives of these stunning creatures.



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