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Stop Promoting Cruel Bullfighting

Stop Bull Fighting in Spain

Bullfighting is a blend of unnecessary cruelty and torment, enacted upon innocent bulls for the sake of 'tradition'. The animals are subjected to horrific suffering through lances and spiked spears, before being finally put down with a sword through the heart. As a macabre gesture, their ears and tail are dismembered, at times while the animal is still conscious. It's a dark spectacle with no place in a contemporary, empathetic society like Spain.

Regrettably, the essence of this cruel sport is being promoted by the Spanish Government's tourism body, indirectly contributing to its continuation. As interest in bullfighting wanes among Spaniards, tourists unknowingly keep the practice alive. If tourism authorities and travel agencies refrain from promoting bullfighting, the industry may eventually dissolve.

Spain's national tourism website,, is promoting bullfighting, stating, "Come to Spain and discover the world of bullfighting - you are sure to have fun." It further suggests tourists participate in the inhumane act, offering assistance to engage in fights with young cows and bulls.

In a global community that generally opposes animal cruelty, the nation's tourism body is risking its reputation by promoting bullfighting as a tourist attraction. This may not only deter potential visitors repulsed by such inhumane activities, but also tarnish Spain's image.

Thus, we implore you to sign this petition and join us in our goal of ending the promotion of this ruthless sport. Let’s conserve Spain’s beauty and reputation by keeping it free from cruelty and ensuring a kinder future for all its inhabitants.




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