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Stop the Destruction of Borneo's Proboscis Monkey Forest

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Balikpapan Bay, located on the biodiverse island of Borneo, is a coastal treasure trove of endangered wildlife. This region is home to approximately 1,400 proboscis monkeys, as well as other threatened species such as clouded leopards, sun bears, hornbills, pangolins, marbled cats, and reintroduced orangutan populations. However, this precious ecosystem is now facing a grave threat from the relentless expansion of the palm oil industry.

The Indonesian company PT Wahana Prima Sejati, a subsidiary of the multinational First Resources Ltd group, is currently clearing coastal rainforest on the beach of Sanro Mutti to establish yet another palm oil refinery and biodiesel factory. Dozens of hectares of biodiverse rainforest have already been razed, leaving behind a lifeless, moonscape in place of vital habitat for proboscis monkeys and countless other threatened species.

This wanton destruction of irreplaceable rainforest violates the Principles and Criteria of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), of which the parent company First Resources Ltd is a member. In 2015, First Resources Ltd pledged to eliminate deforestation and human rights abuses from its supply chain, yet its implementation remains woefully inadequate, as evidenced by the ongoing devastation in Balikpapan Bay.

We demand that First Resources Ltd and its subsidiary, PT Wahana Prima Sejati, immediately halt all further clear-cutting and construction activities in Balikpapan Bay. The company must prioritize the restoration and preservation of this invaluable coastal forest, which serves as a vital habitat for endangered wildlife and a bulwark against biodiversity loss.

Join us in calling on First Resources Ltd to uphold its commitments to sustainability and respect for the environment. Sign this petition and urge the company to protect Balikpapan Bay's biodiversity hotspot from the destructive expansion of the palm oil industry.

By raising our voices, we can hold First Resources Ltd accountable and ensure that the irreplaceable natural heritage of Balikpapan Bay is safeguarded for generations to come.

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