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Stop Spain Farming Octopus for Food

stop the octopus farm

Support the campaign against an impending threat to the intelligent octopus, caused by a proposed plan to build the world's first octopus farming facility.

Spain's Canary Islands could soon bear the weight of raising nearly a million octopuses annually for food, a venture by Spanish multinational, Nueva Pescanova, which raises severe welfare concerns. These creatures, possessing a striking level of intelligence, will be thrust into icy waters as a means of slaughter, a methodology described as 'cruel' by some scientists.

We invite you to sign our petition to prevent this operation from becoming a reality. 

At present, the Transport Regulation (1/2005) is under evaluation by the European Commission. This provides a significant window of opportunity for us to underscore the unanimous public outrage against such a callous trade. 

We call upon you to demand a ban on live exports alongside long-distance transportation of animals. Facilitate the EU in extending its measures to protect farm animals, including sea creatures like octopuses.

The proposed plan by Nueva Pescanova includes keeping a solitary animal accustomed to the dark, like octopuses, in tanks with others of their kind and under constant light conditions. The chilling death method is by immersing them in water kept at -3C. 

The conditions raise serious welfare concerns, since octopuses have never been commercially farmed before. Moreover, studies show that the slated method of using the 'ice slurry' to slaughter causes undue stress and a slow death, leading to poor welfare for the fish. Several supermarkets have already distanced themselves from products of this nature.

The company plans to supply 'premium international markets', producing 3,000 tonnes of octopus per year. This equates to approximately one million creatures, each cubic meter of tank accommodating 10-15 octopuses.

Recent studies led by the London School of Economics have determined that octopuses feel pain and pleasure, and high-welfare octopus farming seems implausible, considering their intelligence and sentient nature.

We urge the Canary Islands authorities to prevent the creation of this facility, which could potentially cause unnecessary suffering to these intriguing marine creatures. Enable the European Commission to prevent such suffering via its currently under-review animal welfare legislation. Sign our petition today and help make a difference.


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