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Stop Cruelty to Hamburg Polar Bears

Stop Cruelty to Hamburg Polar Bears

During a recent visit to Hamburg's zoo by the author of this petition, they were disappointed to witness the distressing conditions in which the polar bears were kept. With soaring temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius, the bears were confined to small, enclosures without shade with minimal provisions to reduce their body temperature. The enclosure was also devoid of any enrichment activities, leaving the bears bored and frustrated. They had access to a tiny pool, but it did not make up for the size and quality of their living space.

The polar bear enclosure was painted with white sections, creating the illusion of a snowy habitat. However, this was just a superficial attempt at mimicking their natural living conditions when, in reality, the bears were subjected to a hot and confined space.

The walruses and penguins also seemed to be living in inadequate conditions, with their enclosures being too small for their size and lacking means to regulate their body temperature. These animals endure immense suffering in their limited living spaces, and it is unfair and unacceptable for them to be deprived of adequate space and proper care.

It is crucial for the zoo to take action and upgrade the living conditions of these poor animals. A change is essential to ensure that they can have a healthy and happy life.

Please sign the petition calling for the zoo to improve the living conditions of these animals and provide them with appropriate care.



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