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Demand that Sea Life Release their Gentoo Penguins

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Freedom for Animals, a UK charity dedicated to advocating for animals used in the entertainment sector, is petitioning Sea Life and its parent company, Merlin Entertainments, to end their exploitation of penguins.


After consulting with experts in the field, we are demanding that:


1. Merlin Entertainments ceases the exhibition of penguins with IMMEDIATE effect.
2. Sea Life uses a portion of its parent company's multi-billion annual revenue to guarantee a safe retirement to a sanctuary for the penguins currently on display. Any sanctuary established MUST be operated by a recognized and respected welfare and conservation organization that is NOT part of the Merlin global brand and in which Sea Life has NO controlling interest.


Sea Life London Aquarium currently houses a colony of 15 gentoo penguins in a basement enclosure. Many of these animals have spent their entire lives in captivity and, without compassionate intervention to secure their release, may never experience the freedom and natural environment they deserve. Gentoo penguins are the strongest swimmers and deepest divers of all birds, yet their enclosure offers a mere 6-7 feet of depth for diving – a pitiful fraction of the 600ft they can dive in the wild. This small colony, confined to a tiny enclosure, cannot meet their physical and social needs or engage in their natural behaviors. Furthermore, the constant public observation and noise have the potential to cause severe stress and adverse health effects.


Penguins are inherently wild animals that thrive in their natural habitats. Gentoo penguins are currently doing well in the wild, with their population levels listed as of 'Least Concern' by the IUCN Red List. Therefore, the breeding programs that Sea Life is undertaking with this species are clearly not motivated by conservation (as promotional materials claim) but simply to provide generations of unconsenting exhibits for an exploitative attraction.


There is growing public support for the ethical treatment of animals. The incarceration and breeding of penguins, a beloved species, for no other reason than profiting from their exhibition, is not an endeavor in which a modern and progressive business should be engaged.


This is an achievable goal, considering Sea Life's relocation of two beluga whales who were being forced to perform in one of their attractions in Shanghai in 2019, as well as the frequent movement of gentoo penguins for breeding purposes. One gentoo currently housed in London, Fry, has already traveled thousands of miles, from Melbourne to Denmark, then Birmingham, and finally London. We seek a future for Fry and all the penguins in Merlin Entertainments' attractions, where they may be assessed by professionals for one final move to a suitable sanctuary and allowed to live out the rest of their natural lives in fresh air and daylight.

Join us in demanding that Merlin Entertainments and Sea Life prioritize the welfare of these captive penguins over profits and release them to a reputable sanctuary where they can thrive in a natural environment. Sign this petition and help us secure freedom for these magnificent creatures.

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