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Say No to Selfish Selfies

animal petition no to selfish selfies

Our affinity for wild and exotic animals often ignites a burning desire to get up close, touch, and even hold them - an opportunity that seems too good to pass up.

However, this desire is frequently exploited by businesses eager to profit at the animals' expense. Unfortunately, it has become all too common for captive wild animals to be used as live props for souvenir photos and "selfie" moments at tourist hotspots, zoos, and other venues. This exploitation subjects countless captive animals worldwide to needless suffering for the sake of entertainment.

The quest for the perfect photo op with an adorable or intimidating creature, intended for display or social media, tends to overshadow our ethical considerations, leading us to disregard the well-being of the animal concerned, its wild counterparts, and the inherent dangers involved.

In essence, the craving for a wildlife selfie is inherently self-centered.

That's why Born Free is spearheading the initiative to End Selfish Selfies. Join us in making a difference by committing never to take a Selfish Selfie again.


Even animal lovers may find themselves posing with animals for photos or selfies, often unaware of the cruelty they are inadvertently supporting.

Despite appearances, animals used for photo opportunities are frequently subjected to numerous forms of cruel treatment out of public view, including:

- Being dressed up, chained, tethered, or sedated with drugs often hidden in feeding bottles.
- Mutilation, such as the removal of teeth or claws and wing pinioning or clipping.
- Exposure to extreme distress from continuous handling, noise, sun exposure, camera flashes, and crowds.
- Substandard living conditions, including cramped spaces, malnutrition, and inadequate medical care.
- Abandonment, sale, or even euthanasia when deemed no longer useful.

The backgrounds of these exploited animals often unveil even more suffering – many are victims of illegal wildlife trade, forcibly removed from their natural habitats through inhumane trapping methods or separated from their families, with mothers and other relatives often harmed or killed during abduction attempts. These captured animals, stripped of their freedom and dignity, are crammed into sacks or cages to be sold into a life of exploitation. This cruel trade directly contributes to the troubling decline of endangered species populations.

By pledging to avoid taking Selfish Selfies, we can help halt the cycle of abuse and exploitation that these wild creatures endure for the sake of a photo. Join the movement to protect wildlife and preserve their dignity. Sign our petition to End Selfish Selfies and be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.


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