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It's Time to Ban Trophy Hunting in South Africa

ban trophy hunting

Tess Thompson Talley travelled to South Africa on a hunting safari, where she ended the life of a black giraffe she referred to as “rare.” Her distasteful display of trophy hunting photos on Facebook have recently come under scrutiny.

Animal enthusiasts, conservationists, and environmentalists are expressing their outrage. Many are questioning how anyone could derive pleasure from killing such a majestic creature. In several photos, Tess can be seen posing proudly in front of the giraffe's lifeless body. The sight is truly revolting.

The current status of giraffes is one of vulnerability. According to a 2016 survey, fewer than 100,000 giraffes remain in the wild. In the last generation alone, the species has lost almost 40% of its population. Due to the lack of sufficient alarm, this gradual decline is often referred to as the "silent extinction."

Despite their endangered or vulnerable status, animals like giraffes, elephants, rhinos, and lions can be legitimately hunted in South Africa. Trophy hunters assert that the fees they pay for hunting big African game provide local communities with a monetary incentive to protect these endangered species. However, a recent study by the International Union for Conservation of Nature contradicts this claim, stating that "trophy hunting, contrary to the common view, not only has negative impacts on wild populations but there is also an extremely close link between legal hunting and poaching."

If this is accurate, then why do countries like South Africa continue to permit the killing of these animals?

It is high time South Africa put an end to this disturbing practice and implement policies that truly safeguard their unique animal species. Please join us in signing the petition, appealing to South Africa to ban trophy hunting permanently.

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