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Ban the Shooting of Birds in the UK

animal petition stop bird shooting in UK

Each year, the shooting industry in the UK breeds around 60 million birds solely for the purpose of being shot as "sport." Our undercover footage from some of the massive, industrial farms that mass-produce these birds exposes the suffering and misery endured by these poor animals. It's a horrific intersection of factory farming and blood sports – and it must end.

We call on the UK government to ban the production, release, and shooting of birds for so-called "sport" hunting. The scale of this industry is staggering, with around 60 million birds, such as pheasants and partridges, being mass-produced annually, many of them coming from huge, industrial factory farms where the breeding birds and their chicks endure appalling conditions.

The mass release of these birds ahead of the shooting season is not only cruel but also detrimental to the environment, negatively impacting plants and other animals. Native species are forced to compete with the released birds for food and habitat, disrupting delicate ecosystems.

Moreover, the shooting industry labels other animals as "predators" or "pests," leading to the indiscriminate killing of these creatures by gamekeepers, further exacerbating the environmental toll.

The fate of the released birds is to be used as feathered targets, shot out of the sky for entertainment. Many are not killed outright, facing a slow, excruciating, and lingering death – a cruel and inhumane end.

Furthermore, the mass release of millions of "game" birds poses a significant risk of spreading bird flu, endangering wild bird populations.

Killing animals for mere entertainment is morally reprehensible. Humane alternatives exist, and there is no justification for the continued slaughter of these sentient beings.

We urge you to sign this petition and demand that the UK government take immediate action to end this cruel and unsustainable practice. It is time to prioritize animal welfare and environmental protection over the archaic and unethical pursuit of "sport" hunting.


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