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Unilever: Stop Destroying Mangroves for Convenience Food

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Unilever, a consumer goods giant whose brands "are used by 2.5 billion people every day," proclaims its commitment to sustainability. However, the harsh reality is that the key raw material for many of its products, including Dove, Flora, and Ponds, is palm oil – a commodity that is driving the destruction of irreplaceable rainforests and the displacement of indigenous communities.

Despite Unilever's claims of using "sustainable" palm oil, the company's supplier, Wilmar, the world's largest palm oil trader, has been implicated in purchasing palm oil produced on recently cleared rainforest land. This devastating practice is evident in Kubu Raya district, located on the west coast of Borneo, a remote paradise where mangrove forests line the rivers and coastline, and proboscis monkeys greet the rare visitors.

In Kubu Raya, the palm oil company PT Sintang Raya operates with a brutal business model, terrorizing local communities and flattening mangrove forests to establish its plantations. PT Sintang Raya is one of the producers that supplies oil to Wilmar, which in turn sells it to companies like Unilever.

The impact of this destructive industry extends far beyond Borneo. The Leuser Ecosystem on Sumatra, the last place on Earth where elephants, rhinoceros, tigers, and orangutans coexist, is also under threat. According to a Rainforest Action Network investigation, Wilmar is selling palm oil produced on freshly cleared rainforest land to various multinationals, including Unilever.

We demand that Unilever take immediate and decisive action to address this crisis. The company must sever ties with suppliers like Wilmar that are complicit in the destruction of irreplaceable rainforests and the displacement of indigenous communities. Unilever must prioritize the preservation of these vital ecosystems over short-term profits and implement a truly sustainable and ethical palm oil supply chain.

Join us in calling on Unilever to uphold its professed commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment. Sign this petition and urge the company to take concrete steps to eliminate rainforest destruction and human rights abuses from its palm oil supply chain.

Together, we can hold Unilever accountable and ensure that the production of its beloved consumer goods does not come at the cost of our planet's precious rainforests and the well-being of indigenous communities.

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