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Shut Down Seaworld

shutdown seaworld

An innocent orca has endured a brutal attack in one of SeaWorld's dreadfully small, prison-like tanks. This incident serves as another cruel reminder of the suffering faced by marine mammals confined in harsh and unnatural captivity. This injustice must cease. 

Sign now to urge the USDA to close SeaWorld permanently and relocate all orcas to seaside sanctuaries!

The victim of this tragic assault is believed to be Corky, a trapped whale who has spent over 50 years in captivity. Denied the freedom and autonomy of life in the ocean for decades, Corky had to withstand this horrific act of violence as escape from such encounters in these deplorably small tanks is virtually impossible.

Similar attacks are rare in the wild due to orcas' ability to exercise their natural behaviors in vast spaces. Wild orcas are also less susceptible to uncharacteristic aggression and depression, which are extremely prevalent in captivity as seen in SeaWorld's tanks.

Confined within these tiny enclosures, whales not only exhibit alarming behavioral problems but they are also physically incapable of escaping conflicts, and forced to associate with other orcas they would normally avoid. In their natural habitat, orcas swim an average of 40 miles per day, typically diving between 100 to 500 feet several times daily. This activity is crucial for their diet, exercise, and safety. How could SeaWorld possibly argue that these animals are safe when they are essentially confined to an aquatic prison, suffering mercilessly for human amusement?

Determined and immediate action is required. The lives and welfare of captive whales across the country hang in the balance. The USDA must close SeaWorld and transfer Corky, and all orcas, to seaside sanctuaries!

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