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Stop Breeding Monkeys for Experimentation

animal petition stop breeding monkeys for experiments

Thousands of innocent monkeys languish in cramped cages, subjected to painful experiments and injected with harmful substances. Yet, instead of protecting these creatures, governments shamefully subsidize the very companies that breed and exploit them for profit.

A colossal $400 million monkey breeding facility, set to become the nation's largest, is poised to be built in the southern United States. Locals have rightly risen up in fierce opposition, and if compassionate people worldwide join their voices, we can create a global outcry and put an end to these cruel breeding facilities once and for all.

This proposed "mini city" in Georgia would breed and confine a staggering 40,000 long-tailed macaques, destined to be shipped off to universities and pharmaceutical companies for heartbreaking medical experiments.

Disturbingly, the executives behind this new facility have a troubling history, having previously worked at a company that illegally smuggled monkeys from Cambodia. This industry not only inflicts immense suffering but also poses grave risks to natural habitats and public health.

While scientific progress is essential, it must never come at the cost of torturing innocent beings. Instead of rubber-stamping these mega breeding factories, governments should invest in humane alternatives, many of which already exist but receive scant attention and funding.

Residents of the Georgia town have courageously filed a lawsuit to block this project, and now lawmakers must decide how to proceed. Let us amplify their voices and send an unequivocal message to governments worldwide: people reject the cruel breeding and testing of monkeys and demand a more ethical and compassionate approach to scientific research.

Stand against monkey torture – shut down these facilities and invest in humane alternatives!

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