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End Plastic Pellet Pollution

animal petition end plastic pollution

We call upon the European Union to take bold and decisive action in the battle against microplastic pollution by adopting a comprehensive and ambitious Regulation on preventing pellet losses. We demand:

- Application of measures to all operators, regardless of the quantity of plastic pellets they handle.

- Mandatory certification and control measures for all pellet handlers and carriers, including those involved in the maritime transportation of plastic pellets.

- Strengthened prevention measures with legally binding minimum requirements to prevent plastic pellet loss.

- Labeling of containers to indicate they contain pellets that are hazardous to the environment, increasing awareness across the supply chain.

- Mandatory standardized reporting of all losses to the environment.

- Regular information and training for all pellet handlers.

Why is this important?

Once in the ocean, plastic pellets float widely, causing widespread harm to flora and fauna. Their tiny size makes them nearly impossible to clean up. Moreover, these pellets act as magnets for toxins and transport mediums for surrounding bacteria or toxic substances, compounding the risks posed to human health and the environment.

This is a European and even a global crisis. Non-governmental organizations have been reporting pellet spills and pollution cases for years, and as plastic production is expected to triple by 2060, this issue will only escalate dramatically. Plastic pellets are spilled at every stage of the value chain, from production and conversion sites to recycling installations and during transportation. In the European Union alone, an estimated 184,000 tons of plastic pellets are lost annually.

We need bold EU measures to prevent this pollution and finally hold polluters accountable. It is appalling that taxpayers are currently bearing the cost of the countless incidents of pollution across the EU. The EU must urgently address this regulatory gap, and the culture of impunity must be crushed. Join our fight for a clean and healthy environment!


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