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Save the Dartmoor Hill Pony - Last Chance!

animal petition save dartmoor ponys

This is your chance to rescue the Dartmoor Hill Ponies from the brink of extinction. Just like the ill-fated Dodo, these ponies are not to blame for their plight – they have simply found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, unlike the Dodo, the Dartmoor Hill Ponies are the right animals in the right place, having called Dartmoor their home for over 4,000 years, if not longer.

Help us ensure that the government protects these ponies for future generations. Sign this petition to show your support and save these iconic creatures.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) must heed the recommendation of an Independent Review and ensure that 'Natural England does not take actions likely to result in a decline in pony numbers.' There are alarmingly few Semi-wild Dartmoor Hill Ponies left – on average, there is only one for every area of Dartmoor equivalent to 40 football pitches.

We cannot let Defra miss this last opportunity to secure a future for England's only remaining Semi-wild Pony Population – the Dartmoor Hill Pony herds on the commons of Dartmoor. The Semi-wild Dartmoor Hill Pony is Native, Rare and Endangered, Genetically important to the Equine species worldwide, and a positive contributor to enhancing Dartmoor's biodiversity through their grazing patterns. Yet, Defra's Agent, Natural England, still seeks to catastrophically reduce their numbers. We implore the Government and Defra to stop this from happening.

We call upon Steve Barclay, the Secretary of State for Defra, to ensure that pony numbers do not drop due to Defra/Natural England Schemes on Dartmoor Commons and work collaboratively with the pony keepers of Dartmoor to find a sustainable solution.


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