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Help End the EU Tiger Trade

Animal Petition end EU tiger trade

We urge you to join our campaign and sign this petition to put an end to the exploitative and unregulated commercial trade of captive tigers and their parts within the European Union. This legal yet unethical practice is fueling the global demand for tiger products, undermining international efforts to combat illegal poaching and trade.

The harsh reality is that throughout the EU, it is perfectly legal to trade captive tigers for various commercial purposes, including circuses, private ownership, and even as props for photo opportunities or private parties. Shockingly, there is no clear oversight or accurate record of the captive tiger population across Europe, leaving these magnificent animals vulnerable to exploitation and potential abuse.

Kieran Harkin, Head of Wild Animals in Trade at FOUR PAWS, warns, "In some cases, these animals are being turned into tiger bone wine or traditional medicines." This cruel trade not only subjects tigers to immense suffering but also poses a direct threat to their wild counterparts, as the legal trade provides a convenient cover for illegal poaching and trafficking of tiger parts.

The world has already lost over 90% of its wild tiger population, primarily due to the relentless demand for their parts and commercial exploitation. European tigers are particularly prized by traders, who consider them larger and stronger, as evidenced by the statement of a notorious big cat trader, L. Berousek: "Tigers from Europe are the best ones."

Four Paws investigators have uncovered alarming evidence that tiger traders operating within Europe are willing and able to facilitate the transfer of these animals to Asian countries, where the demand for their parts in traditional medicine fuels mass cruelty and poaching.

We demand that the European Commission take immediate action to ban the commercial trade of captive tigers and their parts across the EU. By signing this petition, you can lend your voice to this crucial cause and help protect these majestic creatures from further exploitation and potential extinction.

Join us in calling for an end to this cruel and unsustainable practice. Sign the petition now and stand up for the welfare of captive tigers and the preservation of their wild counterparts.

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