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Send 'Baby' the Circus Elephant to Sanctuary!

Send 'Baby' the Circus Elephant to Sanctuary!

A poignant Facebook video that's quickly capturing hearts online is shedding light on the unimaginable adversities circus animals endure. In the spotlight of this viral clip is an adorable baby elephant, nestled backstage at Garden Bros Circus. Dressed in a costume, facing a bleak wall and using its trunk for self-soothing, this innocent creature bears visible scars and suspicious marks on its body - a sight that is heartrending. 

Today, we beseech you to sign this petition and give voice to the voiceless! By signing, you can help transfer this precious baby elephant to a sanctuary where it will receive the care and freedom it deserves. 

Life for animals in circuses is far from joyous. Their natural behavior of exploration and socialization is replaced by unnatural tricks and performances. Off-stage, they are locked in cramped quarters with no room for recreation. Companies like the Garden Bros Circus keep their animals in perilous situations and push them to endure the severities of extreme climates during their travels. 

The baby elephant in the video stands testimony to the psychological trauma that these circus animals go through due to isolation and confinement. But the abuse doesn't just stop there. Regrettably, circus elephants are physical victims of abuse as well. Handlers resort to brutal methods of control using bullhooks, ropes and electric prods to force these magnificent beings into performing tricks, as witnessed in the video.

But times are changing, and your voice can help bring about this change. There is hope in the growing intolerance towards animal abuse in circuses. Lend your voice to the urgent need to release this baby elephant to a sanctuary and help us persuade Garden Bros Circus to create an animal-free circus in the future.

Every signature counts, and every voice matters. Sign this petition today because together, we can make a difference! Rescue this baby elephant and pave the way for a more compassionate future for all circus animals. Let's cease the silence and ignite change. Sign now.

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