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Female Trophy Hunter Poses with Slaughtered Bears and Boasts about Skinning Them

By Kate HarroldKelly-Ann Mills, The Mirror

Alexandra Tyutchevam, from Serpukhov, Russia, has received threats about her trophy hunting but is unapologetic and wants others to share her passion for killing animals.

A woman who hunts bears and boasts about loving to skin them has hit back at online trolls, calling them uneducated hypocrites.

Hunter Alexandra Tyutchevam, 23, has been labelled a "cruel killer" online, while others have told her "I wish it was you lying there instead of the bear".

Alexandra is unapologetic about her hobby and hopes to inspire other hunters to embrace their passion.

The Russian university student said: "There are many people that don't understand and throw hate at you whilst having zero knowledge on the topic.

"They don't realise how hunting influences our ecology. Proper hunting management can increase the number of elephants in Africa for example by thousands or bighorn sheep in the US.

"It's hypocritical to eat meat and then also criticise people who work hard to provide their own meat for themselves.

"I'm currently writing my bachelor's degree thesis on trophy hunting in Russia."

Alexandra first started fishing and camping with her father when she was 12 years old and the started hunting together six years later.

"My father and I are very close. We spend a lot of time together hunting with our guests. My mum and three sisters don't enjoy hunting but they support us. Hunting isn't for everyone," Alexandra said.



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