Protect the Canada Lynx! Don't let Trump delist this endangered species!

by richard amerine

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The Canada lynx doesn't just live in Canada!! It's endangered in its US range of Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Colorado, Idaho and Washington. In 2016 the USFWS admitted that the lynx is "very unlikely" to survive beyond 2100 in the U.S. A federal court ruled the USFWS and the Forest Service must do more to protect the lynx and its habitat, which is threatened by logging and increasing off-road vehicle use.

Now, the Trump administration has completely reversed course and wants to remove federal protections for this vulnerable wild animal.

This is a total and shocking reversal of ESA policy because these rare and elusive midsize cats are DECLINING in numbers in four of their five U.S. habitat areas. Ignoring the science that shows they will not be able to survive without protection due to climate change and loss of habitat is incredibly irresponsible and unacceptable.

Please sign my petition and demand the USFWS and the Interior Department follow the judges ruling and implement a sustainable recovery plan!

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