Free Kina the Dolphin from a Life of Solitary Confinement- Retire her to an Accredited Sea Sanctuary!

by Julie S.

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 False killer whale Kina has been living in solitary confinement in a tiny tank - the size of a hotel swimming pool - for the past 17 months at Sea Life Park in Hawaii."She suffers in that park...And she's basically alone, all day, every day. She just logs [floats motionless at the surface of the water]," Natalie Parra, cofounder of Keiko Conservation, told the Dodo.


The difficulties of Kina's life have been extraordinary. In 1987, she was captured from the wild in a massive killing expedition - in which Japanese fishermen massacred numerous dolphins and selected a few for captivity. Following her capture, Kina initially lived in an entertainment park in Hong Kong. She was later relocated to sea pens where she was used in research for the U.S. Navy and the University of Hawaii - where she at least had the company of two bottlenose dolphins and room to swim.

In 2015, Kina lost her dolphin friends and any semblance of a natural environment when the she was moved to Sea Life Park. Since her relocation, Kina has floated lethargically in a square tank that is reportedly filthy and where she has no sun coverage. According to the Animal Welfare Act, all marine mammals must be provided shade. However, this requirement has not been enforced and as a result it is likely that Kina is being burned. Strangely and for unknown reasons, Sea Life Park keeps Kina hidden from public view.

Please sign this petition urging Sea Life Park and the Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture to retire Kina to an accredited sea sanctuary immediately. Kina was cheated out of a normal and natural life when Japanese fishermen captured her, and has been used to the advantage of the U.S. Navy and the University of Hawaii. She should have been swimming in the ocean with her family for the past 40 years and instead she suffers alone in a tiny square box. The very least humanity can do for her is offer her retirement in a sea sanctuary where she can live the rest of her life in peace with members of her own species in a natural environment.


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