A week in the kitchen by Deliciously Raw

Last week I had my second car accident in a month, closely followed by a third. I managed to drive into the back of a burning car in the middle of a main road. To be fair, no car was visible as it was surrounded in smoke and a dense fog of black smoke quickly engulfed me. I heard the crunch and realised that I had hit something on fire, so not wanting to go up in flames myself, I reversed out of the burning vehicle only to hit the car behind me who couldn’t see me either. Everyone survived. It was scary yes, and extremely annoying as I have just set up my culinary studio and I need my car to get there.

As luck would have it (and let’s face it with 3 car accidents in a month I need all the luck I can get), my lovely neighbour lent me his car so I could go to the studio.

Being stranded in the forest with no means of transport was the last thing I needed. I had some ideas for the delivery boxes, future programmes and pop ups that I wanted to explore.

When I was in the US I realised that all the oreos were vegan. OK, so not in the slightest bit healthy but there is something so deliciously moreish about them. After a morning in the studio and a bit of tweaking round the edges, I managed to come up with a much healthier raw version for the shop.

Honestly, they taste more like oreos than oreos.

Here’s Katherine cutting them.

I also came up with a new kind of cookie inspired by the lighter evenings and Spring Equinox. This one is raw chocolate and orange blossom swirl cookies. I wasn’t quite ready to leave the chocolate behind but the addition of the orange blossom notes are very subtle and complement the chocolate perfectly.

Move over ginger biscotti. I know it’s a favourite of so many people, but we were finding the ginger nut biscotti fingers were taking a very long time to dehydrate to get them so crunchy so now I would like to introduce you to its friend…gingernut biscotti bitesize. This is exactly the same recipe as before but a new shape and because it doesn’t take so long to dehydrate, it helps keep the costs down so you get more biscotti for your money. All of these are available in the shop now.

I also hand piped and dehydrated what seemed like thousands of chocolate chips. It was a deeply meditative experience and the finished result is very rewarding, especially when it’s combined with ginger nut biscuits.

For next week’s limited edition Delivery Boxes, there will be ginger nut and chocolate chip biscuits in the boxes with other goodies… you can check out the latest delivery boxes and also what is in the online shop here.

I’m just off to collect the brand new chocolate bars from Mayhawk. Completely raw and vegan, this is raw bean to raw bar coconut milk chocolate and they are ready a little sooner than anticipated so will be sent out from Monday 30th March.