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End Cruel and Inhumane Canadian Rodeo

Target: Sharon Gaetz, Mayor of Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

Goal: Stop hosting rodeo events that subject animals to cruel treatment.

Animal rights activists and celebrities, including British Columbian-born Pamela Anderson, are speaking out against a Canadian rodeo that includes a number of inhumane events, such as calf-roping.

All rodeos are inherently cruel to animals and subject them to terror and pain for the entertainment of human audiences. It is time we put an end to these abusive spectacles and demand that this Canadian city stop hosting this event.

The Vancouver Humane Society has drawn attention to a number of troubling activities featured in the rodeo, in particular calf-roping and steer-wrestling. Calf-roping involves flipping and jerking young calves around violently, which can result in severe injury. Steer-wrestling, on the other hand, is an event where cattle are wrestled to the ground by their horns, which can be painful or harm the steer’s neck as it is twisted downward.


The fact that animals suffer during rodeos should be apparent to anyone who is concerned about animal welfare. This community can do more to promote humane and compassionate treatment to animals that does not involve wrestling them to the ground or inflicting pain or terror of any kind. Sign below to demand that this rodeo event be brought to an immediate end.




Dear Mayor Gaetz,


The scheduled rodeo at the Chilliwack Fair is an inhumane event that will subject innocent animals to unnecessary pain and fear. Despite the event organizers’ claims that they have maintained an excellent safety record, there is no denying the fact that rodeo activities like calf-roping and steer-wrestling place these creatures in harm’s way. We demand that you protect these animals by not allowing this event to be hosted within Chilliwack.


Although your city has built a new state-of-the-art rodeo arena in anticipation of the Fair, we believe that the space could be better utilized as a place to demonstrate kind and compassionate treatment of animals—not some spectacle of cruelty and violence. Please listen to the concerned voices of animal lovers and activists worldwide who are urging you to act on the animals’ behalf and put an end to this inhumane event once and for all.




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