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Code Of Conduct

  • Players participate in this camp entirely at their own risk.
  • Players must rely on their own ability in dealing with all hazards and must play in a manner safe for themselves and all others. No liability whatsoever shall attach to Deep Dish Beach ltd, in respect of injury, loss or damage suffered by the player or by reason of the camp, however caused.
  • Players will conduct themselves in a respectful manner throughout the period of the camp.
  • Players will treat the hotel guests & staff, fellow players, Deep Dish staff, locals & anyone else whom they may come into contact with whist representing Deep Dish Beach Ltd, with the upmost respect.
  • Players will be punctual at all times for training and competition.
  • Players will treat both the training venues, hotel and any other venues with respect. Players must respect the culture and customs of the country they are visiting. Swearing, bullying, fighting will not be tolerated and the offending party may be disqualified from the camp.

Terms & Conditions - Covid-19 Policy Currently Applies

1. Interpretation 1.1. In these Terms and Conditions ("these conditions"), the following terms shall have the following meanings: 'Registration Form' the registration form available for completion online on Deep Dish Beach Ltd website; 'Camp' the camp which the Camper is attending, as set out in the Registration Form; 'Camper' the individual who will be attending the Camp as specified in the Registration Form; 'Deposit' the deposit specified on the Deep Dish Beach Ltd website or published literature relating to the Services; 'Fees' the fees shown on the Deep Dish Beach Ltd website or published literature relating to the Services; 'Full Fee Date' the date specified in the 'dates & prices' section of the website by which the fees relating to the Camp must be received; 'Location' the location of the Camp (including travelling to and from the Location); 'Services' the provision of the Camp for the Camper by Deep Dish Beach Ltd; 1.2 The headings in these Conditions are for convenience only and shall not affect their interpretation. 2. Supply of Services 2.1. Deep Dish Beach Ltd shall provide the services to the camper subject to the following conditions. By booking and paying the deposit, you agree on behalf of yourself and the Camper (if not yourself), to be bound by the conditions constituting the entire agreement between Deep Dish Ltd and you / the Camper. 2.2. Bookings are accepted at the discretion of Deep Dish Beach Ltd and are not transferable. 2.3. You shall fully complete the Registration Form and supply Deep Dish Beach Ltd with all necessary and required information in connection with the services. 2.4. If the selected service is fully booked upon receiving your booking form and deposit, Deep Dish Beach Ltd reserve the right to allocate your booking to the waiting list until a space becomes available. Deposit will only be refunded to the Camper if no space becomes available, subject to the discretion of Deep Dish Beach Ltd director. 2.5. Upon 48 hours of receiving a Campers booking form, if deposit is not received by Deep Dish Beach Ltd, the place of the camper will be automatically cancelled and your space reallocated to the next booking. 3. Payment of Fees 3.1. You shall pay Deep Dish Beach Ltd the Fees and any additional costs which are agreed between you and Deep Dish Beach Ltd for the provision of the Services. 3.2. The Deposit is NON REFUNDABLE unless your booking is not accepted by Deep Dish Beach Ltd. No booking is valid until payment has been received by Deep Dish Beach Ltd. (COVID-19 POLICY CURRENTLY APPLIES). 3.3. On acceptance of your booking, Deep Dish Beach Ltd will issue a confirmation email within 48 hours of submitting your deposit payment, which will include your remaining balance. 3.4. If Deep Dish Beach Ltd does not receive the balance by the Full Fee Date, it will have the right to terminate this agreement via the email address provided by the Camper. In the event of such termination (and in accordance with paragraph 3.2 above), the Deposit will not be refunded. Payment does not include:

  • Transfers to and from the hotel / airport
  • Pocket money
  • Souvenirs
  • Health insurance
  • Medical insurance and expense
  • Travel insurance
  • Any required travel visas
  • Anything else that is not outlined on the Package table on by Deep Dish Beach Ltd website
3.5. Where a Registration Form is received by Deep Dish Beach Ltd after the Full Fee Date, it must be accompanied by the Full Fees. On acceptance of such Booking, Deep Dish Beach Ltd will issue a confirmation within 48 hours of receiving Registration Form and Full Fees. 3.6. Deep Dish Beach Ltd will not accept any cash payments for Camp package. 4. Cancellation - (COVID-19 POLICY CURRENTLY APPLIES) 4.1. If you wish to cancel a Camp booking for any reason, you must do so via email to the following email address: info@deepdishbeach.com 4.2. The Camp registration may be cancelled 42 days before the official camp start date, thereafter the outstanding fees of the package selected by the Camper become due and payable and will not be refunded if already paid. 4.3. In the event that a Camp booking is cancelled by you more than 42 days prior to your official camp start date and for any reason, the deposit will be forfeited. See point 4.2 for cancellations within 42 days of your official camp start date. 4.4. If for any reason, the Camp is cancelled by Deep Dish Beach Ltd the total liability of Deep Dish Beach Ltd will not exceed that proportion of the Fees Deep Dish Beach Ltd have actually received. 5. Rules, Regulations and your Liability 5.1. You agree to be wholly liable for any and all actions and/or omissions of the Camper. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, you shall be liable for any liability, financial or otherwise, or injury or damage to property caused by the Camper whilst at the Location, and shall fully indemnify Deep Dish Beach Ltd, their agents, contractors and/ or employees for any loss, damage, costs or expenses resulting from such liability, injury or damage. 5.2. Deep Dish Beach Ltd reserves the right to make rules and regulations relating to the Camper's participation in the Camp ('Camper Code of Conduct'). The Camper Code of Conduct forms part of these Conditions and will be notified to the Camper at the Location or earlier. 5.3. Any failure by the Camper to adhere to the Camper Code of Conduct may result in his / her participation at the Camp being terminated without refund. 5.4. Without prejudice to paragraph 5.3, Deep Dish Beach Ltd reserves the right to withdraw the Camper from any activity at any time on the grounds of safety or unsuitability. 5.5. We are sensitive to certain allergens but cannot guarantee their exclusion from the Camp. 5.6. Deep Dish will not be responsible for any actions undertaken by Campers when under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances. 5.7. Banned from event - illegal substances, drugs, ‘legal highs’ – this includes Nitrous Oxide and associated equipment including balloons, unidentified substances, new psychoactive substances (NPS), illegal items. 5.8. No person under the age of 18 can attend the training camp and partake in activities ran by Deep Dish Beach Ltd. 6. Liability 6.1. Where Deep Dish Beach Ltd provides, in connection with the provision of the Services, any goods or equipment or services supplied by a third party, Deep Dish Beach Ltd does not give any warranty, guarantee or other terms as to their quality, fitness for purpose, performance or otherwise. 6.2. Deep Dish Beach Ltd shall have no liability to the Camper for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims for compensation arising from the Camper's late arrival or non-arrival, or any other fault of you or the Camper. 6.3. Deep Dish Beach Ltd reserves the right to alter programmes, activities, itineraries, excursions, age brackets, premises and personnel as it thinks fit and without notice. 6.4. Deep Dish Beach Ltd will not be bound by any statement unless it is in writing and authorised by a Director of Deep Dish Beach Ltd. 7. Medical and Behavioural 7.1. Any medical or behavioural problems of the Camper known to you must be notified to Deep Dish Beach Ltd in writing on the Registration Form. Deep Dish Beach Ltd reserve the right not to accept your Booking on the grounds that any such medical or behavioural problems are not conducive to the Camper's or other 'campers' participation in the Camp. 8. Jewellery, Electronics, Valuables and Lost Property 8.1. Deep Dish Beach Ltd will not be liable for any item of jewellery, electronics or valuable property brought to the Location by the Campers. 8.2. Deep Dish Beach Ltd will not be responsible for any property left at the Location (by the Camper or otherwise), and may dispose of any such property if not claimed and collected by you within fourteen days of the end of Camp. 9. Publicity 9.1. You acknowledge that Deep Dish Beach Ltd may use for publicity purposes and without prior notification any photograph or video taken of the Camper at the Location, and any statement (whether written or oral) made by you or the Camper. 10. Force Majeure 10.1. Deep Dish Beach Ltd shall not be liable for any delay in performing or failure to perform any obligation (including to action any alteration or cancellation) due to any case beyond our reasonable control including lock-outs, strikes, shortages of personnel, labour disputes, war, riot, act of God, civil commotion, terrorism, malicious damage, threats to safety, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, environmental contamination, pandemic outbreak of disease, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, difficulty or increased expense in obtaining workmen, materials, goods or raw materials in connection with the performance of this agreement. No refund will be made, except at Deep Dish Beach Ltd discretion.

Covid-19 Policy

Deep Dish Beach COVID-19 Cancellation Policy for Camps Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we want to assure camp participants that we are doing everything possible to ensure a safe and healthy environment. We are working with local authorities to make sure the camp is Covid safe and we will implement a plan to limit the spread of the virus. We continue to follow the latest guidance from the World Health Organisation and local authority. We will constantly be reviewing and updating our cancellation policy to reflect the most up to date developments related to Covid-19 and any official travel or local restrictions, suspensions, quarantines or lockdown measures announced by governments worldwide. Our aim is to offer you as much flexibility and comfort whilst entering the camp. If you are unable to participate in the camp due to Covid-19:

  • If for any reason, the Camp is cancelled by Deep Dish Beach Ltd, you will be refunded in full. The total liability of Deep Dish Beach Ltd will not exceed that proportion of the Fees Deep Dish Beach Ltd have actually received.
  • If the camp goes ahead but you are unable to participate due to Covid-19 related issues. You will be able to cancel your place on the camp and will be able to:
- Request a full refund - Transfer your package to another player who is not already signed up to the camp - Receive a credit or transfer to a future Deep Dish camp In order to cancel under the Covid-19 policy, you must contact Deep Dish by sending an email to info@deepdishbeach.com.


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