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Vegan News

What is Vegan News?

This is where we keep you up to date with the latest news of interest to vegans. The news will be about veganism, animals, the environment and health. What you wont see is us telling you about big animal killer corporations and their new greenwashing vegan product. We are not a PR company for animal abusers, if you do see a news story on this site about a big animal killer corporation bringing out a new vegan product it will actually be a news story about how you are being taken advantage of by animal abusers. Beware of vegan websites promoting vegan products from big animal abuser corporations! We at Global Vegans believe we vegans should buy from vegan companies and not support animal abusers. Buy Vegan, Buy Buy Animal Abuse!

I have written a vegan news story, will you publish it?

Yes, subject to fact verification. Just send us a message and we will let you know the next steps.

Do you write your own news articles?

Yes, we research, write and fact check all our own news stories.


Are all your petitions from legit websites?

Yes, we only use the most popular and trusted petition sites that we know are legit. There are some less scrupilous petition websites that are just there to harvest emails, we do not use them.

Do petitions work?

Yes, they certainly do, not always but enough to make them worthwhile. Many animals have been saved as a result of petitions.


Are all your blogs factual?

Yes, all our blogs are fact checked before they are published.

I am a blogger, can I put my blog on your site?

Yes, subject to it being a vegan related fact checked blog. We are looking for bloggers who can write on the following subjects; Veganism, Vegan Health and Nutrition, Vegan Holidays, Animal Abuse & Vegan Recipes. Please send us an email at info@globalvegans.com or use the on-site messages and we can take it from there. This would be ideal for those bloggers who do not currently have a website or who do have a website and who want to list just a few blogs here in order to advertise their blog-site. All blogs have links back to your website.


Why do you have three shops?

We have three shops so we can sell to the UK, EU and USA without sending products across the planet. This saves on postage costs and is better for the environment.

Why do you sell different products in the UK, EU and USA?

We locally source our products to avoid airmiles of the products.

I am a vegan business in the UK, EU or USA. Will you sell my products?

Yes, most definitely yes. We operate a variety of methods to suit your needs. One of our main objectives is to support vegan businesses. Please message us via the on-website messages or email us at info@globalvegans.com


Are all your businesses listed vegan businesses?

Yes, it is a vegan directory. If we find any of them selling/making non-vegan products we will delete them from the directory.

I have a vegan business / vegan blog / vegan animal rescue organisation or vegan animal rights activist organisation, can I be in your directory?

Yes, please email us at info@globalvegans.com with a profile picture, a few words describing your business/blog and a web address. We will then put your listing on our site. If you have a directory on your site then we would be delighted to be on your site too :)


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