Ban the use of wild animals in Spanish circuses

by Fabio G

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A few weeks ago the Madrid City Council took an important step in the fight for animal rights: banning animal circuses. With this action, the capital of Spain joins other 300 municipalities that have already banned the exploitation of wild animals in circuses. However, this activity is still a reality in many towns and cities of Spain.

Meanwhile, other countries have already advanced more as a whole: in places like Denmark, Greece, Austria, Croatia, Israel, Mexico, Belgium and the Netherlands there are already nationwide bans on the use of wild animals (or even any type of animal) in circuses, in order to avoid the abuses and the deep stress that these animals suffer to serve as entertainment. 

In Spain, the power to ban circuses with wild animals belongs to the Autonomous Communities. So, to completely ban the use of wild animals in circuses of Spain we must modify regional animal protection laws, as Catalonia already did


Please sign this petition and ask the Spanish autonomous communities to ban the use of wild animals in circuses and other entertainment shows.

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