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Rescue All Remaining Caged Bile Bears

Target: Trần Đại Quang, President of Vietnam

Goal: Stop the rampant abuse and neglect of bears at remaining bile farms.

While the cruel practice of bear bile extraction will soon become illegal in Vietnam, with all remaining farms facing a 2022 deadline to cease bile production, hundreds of bears are now believed to be suffering from widespread abuse and neglect.

Animal welfare organizations fear that with the collapse of the bear bile market in Vietnam, the remaining bears will face starvation or be slaughtered by farmers who can no longer afford their care.


Bile bears, also known as moon bears, suffered tremendously during the industry’s heyday, spending most of their lives stuck in cramped cages and catheterized several times daily for their bile, which is mistakenly believed to have certain medicinal properties. Now that more and more Vietnamese are rejecting the use of bile, or are choosing sources harvested from endangered wild bears, these captives are facing an uncertain future as their caretakers claim they cannot afford to keep them alive.

With an estimated 800 bile bears believed to be remaining in Vietnam, it is necessary that officials work fast to ensure these animals are rescued and placed in accredited sanctuaries. Sign this petition to tell the Vietnamese government that these bears deserve to live out the rest of their lives in the humane care of wildlife facilities.




Dear President Quang,


Vietnam’s remaining bile bears are facing a dire race against time as rescuers struggle to remove them from cages where farmers can no longer afford to feed or care for them. It is urgent that Vietnamese officials join these efforts and ensure that these bears are sent to accredited sanctuaries before it is too late.


While making sure that caged bile bears are rescued as soon as possible, it is also vital that you do more to protect wild bears that are now being targeted by poachers who want to get around the ban on farmed bear bile. That is why I am urging you to step up all efforts to make sure that the bile trade is closely monitored to ensure that no wild bears are suffering for this unnecessary byproduct while rescue efforts continue for captive bears.




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Photo Credit: Animals Asia



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