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Save Alaska's Wolves and Bears

Stop the Interior Department from lifting a ban on cruel, extreme hunting methods!

Another outrage has come from President Trump's Interior Department.

The National Park Service has proposed lifting a ban on extreme killing methods on Park Service lands in Alaska. If the ban is removed, wolves, bears and other predators will be vulnerable to appalling and cruel killing methods that most people strongly oppose.

And if we don't act fast, wolves and bears, including pups and cubs, will be threatened by these methods.

Please take action today to help imperiled wildlife!

The Letter

To Whom It May Concern at the Department of Interior:

I strongly oppose your proposal to allow extreme hunting methods to be used to kill wolves, bears and other wildlife on National Park Service lands in Alaska. There is no reason to allow the shooting of wolves and pups or sows and cubs in their dens, or baiting bears with donuts or garbage and shooting them when they wander over to investigate. The notion that any of these unethical practices would be condoned on national preserves is appalling and inconsistent with the Park Services' responsibility to preserve nature in an unimpaired state.


The federal government has primary authority over wildlife management on federal public lands. Please withdraw this proposed regulation and retain the existing prohibition against these egregious practices. Please also initiate a public information campaign to make sure the public is aware that the prohibitions remain in place, and that violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.



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