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Save Florida’s Manatees from the Dangers of Red Tide Poisoning

Target: Jim Kurth, Director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Save Florida manatees from total extinction due to red tide poisoning.

Florida’s manatee population is dropping drastically, with roughly a thousand deaths within the past year alone. Scientific studies have determined the major cause of this to be red tide poisoning. Manatees absorb the toxin from algae blooms into their skin and inhale it when they breathe, resulting in deaths by nerve damage and organ failure.

While red tide poisoning is not as simple an issue to solve as pollution, poaching, or drift nets, it is a serious problem that will wipe out the species within a few short years if it continues. Climate change and excess nutrients from soil erosion and runoff are among the major culprits of algae blooms, the root of red tide poisoning. While it is important to fight climate change and protect the waters from excess matter, the most vital concern is the survival of the remaining 6,000 manatees across Florida.

Cleaning the waters will take time, but stronger protections can be implemented to prevent future deaths. We must not let these beautiful and gentle sea creatures go extinct. Sign this petition to save Florida’s manatee population.


Dear Director Kurth,

Roughly a thousand manatees have died within the past year alone, and recent studies have determined red tide poisoning to be a major cause. Only 6,000 of these gentle, beautiful creatures remain, and the species is likely to go completely extinct within a few short years should the red tide problem worsen. Manatees are already considered a threatened species, and this many deaths in such a short time bodes ill for their future.


While eliminating the algae blooms that cause red tide poisoning is more complex than it would be to stop pollution, poaching, or habitat loss, there are still measures that can be taken to prevent any future manatee deaths and preserve what remains of the population. Please implement stronger protection of these creatures to ensure their survival.


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Photo Credit: Ramos Keith



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