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Save Monkeys and Apes from Palm Oil Deforestation

Target: Muhammadu Buhari, President of Nigeria

Goal: Do not allow the destruction of rainforest habitat that endangered monkeys and apes rely on.

Africa’s many species of primates, including a number of endangered monkeys and apes, could be threatened if palm oil continues to expand within the continent.

Nigeria is Africa’s largest producer of this product that is used in everything from food to cleaning products, and may contribute to further deforestation if they continue to expand production of this lucrative crop.


Many people are unaware of the hidden costs to the environment that are found in a number of common products, especially those that contain palm oil. While palm oil from the oil palm tree is native to West Africa, most of the oil that ends up in household items has so far been grown in Southeast Asia, in particular Indonesia and Malaysia. However, experts say it is likely that African countries, including Nigeria, will expand their own palm oil production in order to compete internationally, even if it means clear-cutting rainforests and driving the animals that depend on them to extinction.

Oil palm expansion cannot be allowed to threaten rare primate species the way it has harmed orangutan populations in Borneo. Sign this petition to ensure that this vulnerable habitat, along with its wild denizens, is protected against unsustainable palm oil production.


Dear President Buhari,

While the oil palm tree is a lucrative crop, with palm oil finding its way into many common household products like soap and cosmetics, its growth comes at a horrendous cost. When grown unsustainably, it results in mass deforestation that especially threatens wild primate species like chimpanzees, monkeys and others. While many companies are now interested in investing in African palm oil, including that which is produced in Nigeria, we urge you not to allow this harmful expansion to occur.

All potential oil palm plantation sites would be in rich, biodiverse areas with many unique species. The nearly 200 species of primates in Africa, most of whom rely on having healthy rainforests available, would be particularly threatened. That is why we ask that you protect these fragile habitats and ensure that there is a future for monkeys and great apes in Nigeria and elsewhere.


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Photo Credit: International Fund for Animal Rescue



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