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Stop Elephant Rides for Tourists in Cambodian Sanctuaries

Target: Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia


Goal: Stop Cambodian elephant parks from offering rides to tourists.

Elephant sanctuaries in Cambodia still offer elephant rides to tourists, subjecting the animals they are meant to protect to massive amounts of strain and exhaustion. They are chained up in tiny pens with no room to move, practically starved, beaten with sharp

objects, and screamed at. Their spirits are broken along with their bodies to ensure that they “behave.”


These parks violate the very concept of a sanctuary. Animal sanctuaries are meant to be safe spaces for endangered species, closed to the public so that the animals can enjoy peaceful lives free of gawking tourists and exploitation. Instead, these poor creatures are subjected to pain and torment on a daily basis; many are even captured from the wild as babies to begin their “training” as early as possible. Elephants are fragile creatures despite their bulk, and already face so many threats in their natural lives. It is not right that they should face such danger in places meant to protect them.

Elephant rides are nothing but exploitation of innocent creatures, and any “sanctuary” that provides them is unethical and cruel. Sign this petition to stop Cambodian elephant sanctuaries from allowing and encouraging such brutal treatment of these animals.



Dear Prime Minister Sen,


Studies and reports show that your country’s elephant sanctuaries are still offering elephant rides to tourists, despite such rides violating what a sanctuary is supposed to stand for. Elephants are physically abused, starved, and screamed at as “training” to ensure that they behave for the tourists; many of these animals are captured from the wild as babies to begin said training as early as possible.


These parks are not true sanctuaries to elephants, who already face numerous threats in their natural lives. We cannot allow such shabby treatment of these animals to continue, and the first step is demanding these sanctuaries change their ideologies. Elephants deserve better than this, and you must ensure that they are given security and peace rather than abuse and torment. Help us put an end to elephant rides and other forms of abuse.




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Photo Credit: Cede Prudente



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