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Hello fellow UK residents ….

The new post Brexit import regulations means you will be charged import VAT, and in a lot of cases an import tariff, when you buy a product that is imported into the UK mainland from the EU. This will not affect Northern Ireland.

The current Global Vegans shop is set up for global sales with dispatch hubs in the EU and the USA. For UK customers these sales are shipped from the EU. Hence the problem that we as Global Vegans, and us all as UK mainland residents, now have.

As a result of this we are setting up an online UK shop specifically for the UK mainland that will ship from the UK, thus avoiding these additional costs. Our UK shop will be opening soon and we have a UK supplier who is able to ship from the UK, so this message is an interim measure to help save you additional costs. Even though the shop is not live yet we can still order from the UK supplier.

If you are based on the UK mainland and would like to buy one of our products then please email us before buying to let us know what product and colour you would like. Please send the SKU code (which appears when you choose a colour and size) or a link to the page in your email with your preferred colour. From there we will be able to offer you the same quality product, the same design but the colour of the t-shirt may be slightly different. This is because our UK supplier offers slightly different coloured t-shirts. The price will remain the same and you will not be charged any import VAT or import tariff. The cost you see will be the cost you pay. 

Please email with the SKU code (which appears when you choose a colour and size) or a link to the product page and the colour of the t-shirt you would like and we will get back to you as fast as we can (within 24 hours). If you can not put a link in your email or find the SKU code then please describe the t-shirt and colour and we can take it from there. Thank you.

Below explains the changes in import regulations; 

Following on from Brexit, imports into the UK mainland from the EU are now liable for import tariffs and import VAT.


We were told that we have a “Free Trade” agreement with the EU but this is a disingenuous statement. What it should have said is we have a “Free Trade Agreement with the EU subject to the Rules of Origin and additionally import VAT will be due on imports”.... not a snappy slogan .... but facts are important.

What this means is that if the product, in this case a t-shirt, originates in the EU then it can be imported into the UK with no import tariffs. However, in this case there would still be import VAT chargeable to you by HMRC Customs and Excise.


The blank t-shirts used for printing in our shop come from various countries so the origin is unlikely to state “Country of Origin" as the EU, hence there will be an import tariff payable, on top of the import VAT. You would be charged this by HMRC Customs & Excise before any EU purchases are delivered to you. 

Those are the regulations … the reality may be that any import valued under, say, £100 maybe ignored by customs but it is too early to know how customs will handle such a large increase in work and the new regulations.


Time will tell but here at Global Vegans we offer a solution ......

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