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Beneath the Woods Sanctuary

A Haven of Second Chances in Wales

Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of West Wales lies Beneath the Woods Sanctuary, a VIVA award-winning sanctuary that has become a beacon of hope for animals in need. Founded in 2009 by Sasha Bennett, this remarkable haven provides permanent homes and specialized care for a diverse array of residents, including dogs with behavioral challenges, pigs, sheep, cats, and horses.

At the heart of Beneath the Woods lies a profound commitment to rehabilitation and positive reinforcement. The dedicated team works tirelessly to help each animal overcome their unique struggles, alleviating behavioral issues and building confidence through patience and understanding. This holistic approach has transformed the lives of countless individuals, offering them a chance to heal and thrive in a nurturing environment.

Beneath the Woods' impact extends far beyond its resident animals. In early 2019, the sanctuary undertook an unprecedented rescue mission, orchestrating the largest reversal of a destruction order placed on animals from the animal agriculture industry in the United Kingdom. After a government raid uncovered an illegal slaughterhouse at Bramble Hall Farm in Pembrokeshire, 53 pigs were initially sentenced to death for being deemed "diseased" and a threat to the food chain.

Undeterred, Beneath the Woods embarked on a nine-month legal battle, ultimately succeeding in reversing the destruction order and welcoming the pigs into their care. This remarkable feat not only saved the lives of these innocent animals but also highlighted the sanctuary's unwavering commitment to advocating for the voiceless.

Today, Beneath the Woods continues to provide a safe haven for over 100 pigs, a number that has grown due to inadequate care during the legal battle. The cost of caring for and feeding these animals with special requirements is a monumental challenge, but the sanctuary perseveres, relying solely on the generosity of donations to sustain its life-changing work.

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