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Clean Food Dirty Girl

Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plans and Recipes With our plant based meal plans (AKA Wizard Plans) we do the planning for you.

Just follow along, go grocery shopping, and put in 2-4 hours of batch cooking once a week.

Say goodbye to scrambling to piece together dinner, grabbing food on the way home from work, and calling for pizza (unless of course, you want to).

Your fridge will always be stocked with yummy, plant based food made by you!

When you’re hungry, it’s a simple matter of throwing a few things together, heating things up, and chowing down.

Get instant access to our entire collection of plant based meal plans when you start a free 10-day trial to Plant Fueled Life.

There are also hundreds of free whole food plant based recipes on our blog and recipe archives so you can check out the goods.


Unlock a Vibrant Life with 10 Days of Plant-Based Freedom - No Credit Card Required.

Radiant Vitality: Wave goodbye to fatigue and embrace a renewed zest for life as you bask in the revitalizing power of plants.

Glowing Confidence: Prepare to turn heads with a radiant complexion and an unmistakable inner glow that radiates self-assurance.

Boundless Energy: Harness the nourishing essence of plants to fuel your days with an unstoppable force, tackling every challenge with vigor.

Impress with Elevated Health: Watch in awe as your body's key metrics soar, leaving your doctor beaming with pride at your remarkable progress.

Effortless Nourishment: Say farewell to the stress of meal planning and preparation as you discover the joy of creating delectable, wholesome dishes with ease.

Embrace Your Best Self: Shed unwanted pounds and cultivate a deep sense of body confidence as you embrace your true, radiant form.

Ignite Culinary Passion: Embark on a flavorful adventure, reigniting your love for the kitchen and uncovering a world of tantalizing plant-based possibilities.

Savor the Savings: Bid farewell to costly indulgences and enjoy the financial freedom that comes with embracing a conscientious, plant-powered lifestyle.

Seize this risk-free opportunity to immerse yourself in a vibrant, plant-powered existence for 10 days – on us, no strings attached, no credit card required. Your journey to radiant well-being begins now!

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