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Goodness Goodies

The Journey of Goodness Goodies: Where Compassion Meets Deliciousness

Have you strolled down the 'free from' aisle at your local supermarket recently? It's a vibrant sight, packed with alternative products catering to those with dietary restrictions and allergies. However, eight years ago, when I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, the landscape was vastly different.

Thank you for joining me on this page. By sharing my story, I hope to provide you with guidance and support, whatever your needs may be. If you have any questions about our range, please don't hesitate to ask.

I named my company Goodness Goodies because I'm passionate about providing delicious goods that make a positive impact. Now, more than ever, I believe that the small decisions we make daily are crucial for our well-being and the health of the planet we call home.

The Catalyst: A Family's Needs

Goodness Goodies exists because of my family's unique dietary requirements. Perhaps you've found yourself in a similar situation, seeking ways to help your loved ones eat better or reduce plastic consumption. In my case, it was my daughter Seren's love for sweets and her peanut allergy that set me on this path.

Witnessing Seren's frustration at being excluded from enjoying certain foods at parties due to her allergy broke my heart. She disliked feeling different from her friends who could indulge in cake, chocolate, and other treats containing traces of nuts. While we tried using a wristband as a visible reminder, she didn't appreciate the label or the sense of being singled out.

To satisfy Seren's sweet tooth and accommodate her allergy, I began exploring alternatives to mainstream foods, searching for low-sugar lollipops and peanut-free confectionery she could enjoy at parties.

The Supermarket Dilemma

Eight years ago, when Goodness Goodies was born, supermarket shelves offered a dismal selection for those with dietary restrictions like my daughter. Simultaneously, my husband underwent tests to identify his own allergies, further fueling my commitment to seek better options. My life became ruled by labels, and the joy of food preparation was overshadowed by the constant need to scrutinize ingredients.

It struck me that I could create a solution for my family and anyone else seeking more choices – my own shop, away from the limited options of supermarkets.

The Goodness Goodies Offering

When conceptualizing Goodness Goodies, my priorities were safety and ease. Safety for those of us who can't trust grabbing items off supermarket shelves, and ease in finding what we need in just a few moments. Initially, the shop offered nut, gluten, dairy, gelatin, and sugar-free options – a rarity eight years ago.

As supermarkets caught up with the 'free from' range, I turned my attention to expanding our offerings. This led to the introduction of our vegan confectionery line, catering to both retail and wholesale customers.

Constantly Evolving, Constantly Improving

Just as important as dietary choices is our planet's well-being, so I've introduced a range of plastic-free, zero-waste alternatives to mainstream products. Our selection allows customers to make conscious choices about the cleaning and beauty items they bring into their homes. By offering easy and affordable switches to everyday items, we can collectively make a difference in the bigger environmental picture.

I'm not an environmental crusader but a 'normal' person trying to provide alternatives to other 'normal' people seeking small, sustainable changes.

Small Change, Big Difference

Goodness Goodies' tagline, 'small change can make a big difference,' encapsulates our philosophy. There's no reason to buy non-compostable trash bags or cling wrap. We don't have to purchase plastic water bottles when we can refill our own.

Balancing Work and Passion

When I started Goodness Goodies, I had a full-time job. However, I was so passionate about growing the business and its values that it became a relief when, after around five years of juggling both roles, I decided to leave my job and dedicate myself fully to expanding Goodness Goodies. My intention? To help families like mine find the products they need to thrive.

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