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Defending the Oceans through Principled Action: The Captain Paul Watson Foundation UK

The Captain Paul Watson Foundation UK is a direct-action ocean conservation movement with a resolute mission: to defend, conserve, and protect the ocean from exploitation and environmental destruction. Founded in 2005, this registered marine conservation charity in England and Wales adheres to the principles of non-violent action in the course of all its operations.

At the heart of the Foundation's approach is the disruption of harmful activities such as illegal fishing and poaching, coupled with the collection of evidence to support legal actions. Through public awareness campaigns, advocacy for policy changes, and collaborations with law enforcement agencies and international organizations, the Foundation combats threats to the oceans on multiple fronts.

Rooted in a Legacy of Marine Conservation

The Captain Paul Watson Foundation UK draws inspiration from its founder, Captain Paul Watson, a pioneering figure in marine conservation with over 50 years of experience. As a co-founder of Greenpeace and the founder of Sea Shepherd, Watson's non-violent methods have achieved remarkable success, including compelling the Japanese whaling fleet to leave the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Unwavering Commitment to Marine Life

The Foundation's mandate is clear: marine life is at risk, and if the ocean suffers, so do we. With Captain Paul Watson's vision at its core, the organization is dedicated to defending and protecting marine life through a highly efficient and independent approach. Unencumbered by restrictive agreements or censorship, the Foundation's crew will go wherever necessary, even in the face of opposition, to fulfill their mission.

Join the Movement

The Captain Paul Watson Foundation UK invites all those who share a passion for ocean conservation to join their principled movement. Through direct action, legal intervention, and unwavering commitment, the Foundation aims to create lasting change and secure a future for the vast and vital marine ecosystems that sustain our planet.

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