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Pioneering the Vegan Revolution

Viva! stands as the UK's leading vegan campaigning charity, renowned for its undercover investigations and high-profile animal campaigns. Founded in 1994 by Juliet Gellatley, this trailblazing organization has spent three decades creating a kinder, more sustainable world for humans and animals alike.

Viva!'s work encompasses four primary areas:

Viva! Animals
Viva! Animals launches dynamic campaigns to uncover the harsh realities of factory farming – an industry that has taken over meat, dairy, and egg production. Through their efforts, they expose the atrocious conditions endured by animals confined in squalor and exploited for human use. By revealing the truth behind closed doors, Viva! urges the public to choose a compassionate, vegan lifestyle.

Viva! Planet
Viva! Planet sheds light on the devastating impact of livestock farming on our planet. Animal agriculture lies at the heart of every environmental catastrophe, from climate crisis to wildlife loss. By presenting the latest scientific research, they raise awareness of the issues and offer sustainable solutions. Campaigns like the award-winning Eating the Earth and the exciting 50by25 initiative encourage people to adopt a kinder, more sustainable diet by embracing veganism.

Viva! Health
Viva! Health provides invaluable support to individuals on their vegan journey. Their experts make the latest scientific research accessible to everyone, creating easy-to-understand factsheets and combating misinformation about nutrition and health. Resources like the Balanced Vegan page, Vegan Eatwell Plate, and A-Z of Nutrients guide people towards maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Their campaigns, covering topics from diabetes to zoonotic diseases, demonstrate why a vegan diet protects against illness and promotes longevity and well-being.

Viva! Lifestyle
Viva! Lifestyle showcases the positive and effortless transition to a vegan lifestyle. From the Vegan Recipe Club, V7 and V30 Challenges brimming with delicious, tried-and-tested recipes, to the Viva! Shop offering vegan food, fashion, and their very own cookery book, they provide everything needed to thrive as a vegan. They also produce a wide array of materials, including Vegan Super Packs, guides, and leaflets, to facilitate the vegan journey. Additionally, their friendly street actions offer free, delectable vegan treats like sausage rolls, milkshakes, and ice cream, fostering connections with the public.

As the world embraces change, Viva! stands at the forefront, leading the vegan revolution with unwavering commitment and a vision for a kinder, more sustainable future.

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