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Milkadamias Jim Richards - What We are Witnessing is Not Solely a Food Movement

Milkadamias Jim Richards - What We are Witnessing is Not Solely a Food Movement

By Vegconomist


In the last of our end-of-year guest posts, plant milk brand Milkadamia’s founder and CEO Jim Richards talks about his year in food.

Richards is a specialist in regenerative farming, and his macadamia milk and butter products have seen huge success over 2019 and been rolled out into new markets amid a phenomenal year for dairy alternatives.
2019 in Food

“For many commentators and food industry insiders, the attitude to the emergence of plant-based food companies seemed to be – look how cute they are, dancing their little dance against the backdrop of the omni-powerful meat and dairy industry. The attitude suggested it was a certitude good old meat n’ dairy, so safely embedded within the diet, culture, and government would swat this fad. Such a direct challenge to their national status and income surely could not stand.

2019 shattered that perception, creating a reality in which more and more plant-based products are now preferentially chosen and enjoyed (yes enjoyed!) by significant numbers of the general population. An ever-growing number of whom are cutting down on meat and dairy consumption. A groundswell of consumer demand and preference has pushed plant-based options into the mainstream for reasons ranging from diet and wellness to taste and environmental concern. According to Nielsen, more than 39% of consumers in the United States are trying to work plant-based foods into their diet for health as well as ecological reasons.

This past year, the plant-food movement fully entered the mainstream as credible and tasty alternates became widely available at competitive prices. Hard-core vegans and vegetarians are joined by millions of flexitarians, the veggie-curious and the eco-concerned. Millions of families are cutting back on dairy and meat consumption, choosing plant-based for the wellness of body, landscape, and conscience. This has been evidenced by the Impossible Burger becoming a prominent menu item on Burger King as well as Dunkin Donuts Beyond Sausage ® Sandwich.


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