League Against Cruel Sports in legal battle with vegan ‘whistleblower’


The Guardian 


A leading animal welfare charity is locked in an acrimonious legal dispute with a former employee who claims he was dismissed for telling colleagues that its pension fund invested in companies that have been involved in animal testing.


The ex-employee, a vegan, describes himself as a whistleblower whose case will be the first to decide whether his beliefs should be protected under the Equality Act.


But the League Against Cruel Sports, which was instrumental in securing the fox-hunting ban, has rejected Jordi Casamitjana’s claims that he was dismissed for the reasons he has given and has pledged to defend itself.


Casamitjana, who is crowdfunding to raise money for his legal action, has instructed the leading law firm Bindmans to fight his case which will draw attention to the practice of “ethical veganism”. Unlike “health vegans” who choose not to eat meat, fish and dairy for their own personal wellbeing, ethical vegans consider the broader impact of how they spend their money on animal welfare.


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