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In 1986 I went Veggie, then in 1989 I went Vegan. Back then there was only one reason to go Vegan, and that was for the animals.

The general view at that time was being a Vegan would reduce your life expectancy by 15 years. Not only that but you would be met with anger and abuse. We were the unwanted fringe element of society that were neither catered for, nor understood or tolerated.


This was because animals are abused 24/7 in every aspect of human existence, we highlighted this and fought against that abuse.

All we had as information about how animals were treated were low quality videos and photos. Now with the rise of the internet and information many more people are finding out about the truth that the media and corporate interests have long hidden. 

As it turns out going Vegan will not only help end this global animal abuse but it will improve your health and save the planet!

Global Vegans is just me playing my part in helping spread the word about Veganism .... I hope you find my website helpful.





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