Crufts dog show: stop promoting painful and life-limiting inbreeding!

by Frances Donnelly

The Petition Site


Why would any true dog lover want dogs to suffer from health problems and pain? Inbreeding causes life-limiting issues in many animals, and yet it remains an acceptable practice that dog show Crufts actively rewards. Please tell Crufts it's time to update their judging criteria to encourage healthy breeding practices. 

Undersized skulls that pinch their brain, respiratory problems, painful joints, and genetic diseases are among the traits many 'pedigree dogs' suffer from as a result of inbreeding. In the name of achieving a very specific look, breeders are concentrating genetic pools to a disastrous and irresponsible degree.  Some dogs used for breeding pedigree offspring also struggle to give birth. 

The best way to combat inbreeding is to broaden the breeding pool, which is easy to do. If Crufts stopped rewarding stringent physical criteria that require inbreeding, this would help end the cruelty. Please sign this petition to demand that Crufts stop rewarding cruel breeding practices, and reward dogs on the merit of healthy, humane breeding practices.


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